A motto that us Artisans tend to live by... and we think you should too!  That's why we have decided to run a variety of

workshops with the help of our very talented local artists.

Situated conveniently above the PO10 Shop, we have made a wonderfully bright and creative workroom area with a second 'living' room to sit back, relax and enjoy your lunch or indeed a much needed cup of tea.

Based on the 'Experience Day' concept, our aim is to offer a variety of different workshops to suit all levels which we have broken down into three price brackets to make it easy for you to choose.  These are as follows:

1 Hour 'Taster' Sessions

Cost £25 per hour

Our recommendation for anyone who wants to give something new a try and perfect for beginners!  This course is designed to give you a little taster of a new skill and makes the perfect gift for someone who has always wanted to try something crafty, or indeed for the person that has everything already! We would advise anyone to try this course before you book a longer session.

Half Day Sessions

Cost £40 (morning or afternoon session) 

This session will give you a really good feel for a new skill.  Suitable for beginners or intermediate levels.  We would advise booking the 'taster' session prior to this session if there is one available.

Full Day Sessions

Cost £80 (9am to 5pm)

OR £90 to include a lunch supplied locally

You can really go for it with this session, a great day out promised where you get to cram in as much as possible!  This is more for intermediate level and we would highly recommend booking a 'taster' session if one is available prior to this to ensure you get as much out of it as possible!  You are advised to bring a pack lunch with you, or even better save yourself the hassle and come and enjoy a tasty lunch made by one of our lovely local businesses.