Quiet Places II
  • Quiet Places



    This is one from series of monotypes working with the same view.  Its based on a sketch I did one bright winter’s day in Prinsted.  I climbed down the bank away from the sea and sheltered from the cold looking across the stream and open field. I love the serene quality of this place, the quiet and the stillness.

    This is a one of a kind print created using oil based printing inks, rollers and various mark making tools to add and remove ink from the smooth printing plate surface.  Once the image has been created on the plate it is transferred onto dampened paper using an etching press. 

    This series was printed in stages using masking techniques and allowing the ink to dry between layers.  The tricky part is working in reverse as the finished print will be a mirror image of what was created on the plate.


    28 x 33 solid oak frame.

    Internal frame size 25 x 30cm

    Quiet Places II