South Street

South Street

Collagraph Print

This one from a variable edition of only 4 prints. I made two with a pink house and two with a yellow house.  The  South Street collagrpaph is from a series of three exploring the notion of home.  The other two in the series are Essendon 3040 and Number 59 Tram.

A collagraph print is one which is made from a plate which is essentially a collage.  I often use mount board to start the plate and proceed to cut away sections and glue additional bits of paper, cloth, and bits and pieces, depending on the texture I want to achieve.  When the plate is complete, it is sealed with shellac and left to dry.  Ink is applied, using a variety of methods.  The inking process is laborious and can take up to an hour for each print.  Prints are made onto dampened paper using an etching press.

Printed on Somerset Satin archival paper.

Print are 20 x20 cm

For frame size minimum 30 x 30 cm

South Street


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