• Stocker

    Reduction Linocut

    This is one from an edition of ______hand printed artworks.    The process involves progressively cutting away more of the lino as each layer of colour is printed.  Once completed, no more prints can be made from the lino block as onlu fragments of the image remain once the last colour is printed.

    For all you sailers in Chichester harbour, you will know where the Stocker Buoy is.  I did a quick sketch of stocker one day when we had hired a little motor boat out of Itchenor and had a day pootling about.  It was a little while before I turned it into a linocut as I had to think it through, the water was tricky!

    Printed on archival paper using oil based inks.


    Print are 20 x 20 cm.

    Designed to fit a frame 30 x 30 cm.