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At the present moment there are no available spaces to rent on a long term period within PO10, however there is an opportunity to showcase your wares in our 'Artisan of the Week' window. 

From only £27.50 per week, you can create a display within a large window space.  Within this PO10 will also promote you via social media outlets.  Here's what you need to know and a few guidelines to consider;

  • Slots can only be booked one week at a time.  We do not allow artisans to book longer periods than this.  This guarantees a new window display every week.  You may however book multiple slots sporadically throughout the year.

  • Window space is approximately 1.5 metres x 0.90 metres deep and includes a 2 metre x 50cm gridwall.

  • Please deliver your items to us either on the Saturday before your week or on the Monday morning.  The shop is open from 9.30am.

  • We can supply a certain amount of display items but are limited on easels so you may need to supply these yourself.

  • If you wish us to sell via the shop we charge a 15% commission rate to cover all packaging and card fees.

  • Please ensure you supply us with lots of marketing material/business cards etc.   Remember to clearly price all items prior to bringing them in.

  • We do not allow offensive or rude images. 

  • All work must be created by yourself.  We do not promote other businesses such as Avon, Body Shop etc.

  • It is the responsibility of the artisan to ensure they keep a full inventory of items supplied.  

  • PO10 cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages.

  • Please note the booking fee of £27.50 is not refundable for cancellations or no shows.


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